2018 Is The Year of MasterNode

Currently, the market is going through a crazy time all because of FUD. Crypto is just testing your patience and guts. Crypto is here to stay and the market is still very bullish. The market is very down now and this is the right opportunity to buy a bag of masternode coin. Masternode coin generates passive income for you. Dash coin is the pioneer of masternode coin. But later so many coins came up with this feature that helps the coin to grow and increases the transaction speed as well. There are few websites from which you can check about masternode coins, ROI, Coins required, Per day income, monthly income and total investment required.

  1.    https://masternodes.online/
  2.    https://masternodes.pro/
  3.    http://mnrank.com/

This temporary crash is a good chance to bag a masternode coin and set up your own masternode. To set up a masternode you require little efforts as well but that is one-time work.



How to Setup a Masternode?

  1. Buy required number of coins from an exchange.
  2. Send exactly that many coins that are required for masternode to your local desktop wallet.
  3. Check their official website or ANN or discord channel for guide to setup the masternode.
  4. Buy a VPS service (I prefer Vultr and Time4Vps ).
  5. Follow the official guide and setup accordingly.

Once your masternode is started you will start receiving your rewards after a certain time period, it varies for different coin. That will make you more financially independent to increase your crypto portfolio. Here I have given little overview of masternode coin and how to choose one out of many.  A lot of option available according to your choice. But always keep in mind that ROI should be enough to run your VPS and effort invested. If you do not know what is masternode and how it works, just google that you will get a lot resource on that topic. Here I have a written a small post but tried to give insight about masternode and their potential in coming years. If you got any doubts please comment below I would love to answer that.

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Disclaimer:I am not any professional adviser, all based on news and updates. Trade on your own risk.


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