A coin That Could Be Worth Buying

Today I am going to talk about one particular coin which could be worth buying for future. If you are trading in cryptocurrency and you want one coin for future investment. Then you can consider SunContract  as an option. Currently, One governing body is fixing the tariff and charging you on that tariff or even more with some silly reason. Blockchain is a technology that is going to solve so many real life problem and it will be the next big thing. It will also end monopoly of any particular company or government. It will bring speed and transparency in the system. So it will impact all sectors of the market like Banking, Health, Energy, Insurance, Cyber security, Supply chain management, Forecasting and many more. They have nice mission and vision, they are working on it. SunContract is a decentralized energy trading platform which basically allows users to buy and sell electricity. They are trying to solve this monopoly market through blockchain. Suncontract model works on the principle of  5 T’S (TRUST, TRANSPARENCY, TRACEABILITY, TIME STAMPand TRANSACTION) AND 5 D’S (DIGITALIZATION, DECARBONIZATION, DEREGULATION , DECENTRALIZATION and DEMOCRATIZATION).

Currently we have centralized power stations and consumers. As we are in a digital world so demand of electricity will increase day be day. As per the data by 2040, total energy demand will double and it will be impossible to fulfill all these demands with current infrastructure. So we need a shift from this structure. This could be possible through renewable energy. As per data by 2040 total investment in energy market will be $11.4 trillion out of it 60% ($7.8 trillion)will go into renewable energies. This is huge market and has immense potential.

As per coinmarketcap SunContract has total supply of  122,707,503 SNC and total market-cap $19,402,165 USD (1,016 BTC ). In 2018 first quarter they have few great movements towards great future. They are going to launch first test platform, new web and mobile wallet launch and first trading with electricity. Again in second quarter they will examine new markets and will start promoting in new markets. 

So they have slow but steady move towards great future. 




Disclaimer:I am not any professional adviser, all based on news and updates. Trade on your own risk.
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