Cryptocurrency Of South Asia

In crypto world earning money need little awareness, you have to know what is going on around crypto space. Today I am going to write about a very special coin which you should get in early before the price goes way high. Since launch, the price of the coin has not seen much progress. It is moving around 500 Satoshi from beginning itself. But they have few updates for February which will show massive bull run for this coin. I am talking about Rupaya coin(RUPX), it is one of the most undervalued coin.

Rupaya is the first cryptocurrency for South Asia. The South Asian market is huge in terms of population and economy. In most, South Asian countries problem lies everywhere like costly electricity, power cuts and no internet access which inhibits expansion of cryptocurrency and unfavorable condition for mining of Bitcoin and other costly coins. Rupaya is trying to solve these kind problems and creating awareness of cryptocurrency among the users and merchants as well.

Why should I Buy Rupaya?

There are many reasons to buy Rupaya. I will give you five reasons why you should think of buying it cheap.

  1. It has only 8.5Million supply.
  2. Masternode coming soon.
  3. A large user base of South Asia.
  4. Coin minting is possible(Minting earns you 10% annually).
  5. Active development team and Rupaya 3.0 coming soon.



Let’s dig deeper about masternode and coin minting. For a Rupaya Masternode you need  10000 Rupaya coin. There will be one hard fork and coin swap before the masternode release. If you want to buy 10000 coins from Stock.Exchange then it will cost you around 0.0401BTC(401 Satoshi/coin). Also, they have coin minting feature where it depends on the number of coins you have in your wallet, not on your hardware configuration. Currently it is available in coinmarkets, stock.exchange, and Trade Satoshi. Also, it will be listed in coinexcahge soon.

It is always good to be involved with a good coin with nice vision and a good team. Keep a bag ready if you want to set up a masternode. It is expected to launch in February.

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Disclaimer:I am not any professional adviser, all based on news and updates. Trade on your own risk.
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