Electroneum Soon to be listed on Bittrex, Coinexchange and BitHumb


2018 will be most groundbreaking year for crypto space. Nobody expected cryptocurrency will become this much popular in 2017. All the prediction came true for almost all coins and even went beyond the expectations. I am looking for few coins that is expected to do well in 2018. In some of my upcoing posts I will be talking about those coins which has immense potential.



Electroneum is one of those coins which has immense potential and it’s way cheap now. Electroneum is british cryptocurrency that will be most user-friendly cryptocurrency and it will be used for mobile gaming and gambling market. They have mobile mining option as well. They have raised $40 million while ICO stage and this was one of the most sucessfull ICO. Electroneum has total marketcap of 21Billion.


Electroneum is on the news since long. But it has not able to gain it’s price as it is listed only on Cryptopia. They are planning to list it on all major exchanges. Recently they have signed a petition for Bittrex,Coinexchange and BitHumb listing. If you want to sign your petition as well then follow these links Bittrex, Coinexchange and Bithumb. If it is listed on Bittrex and BitHumb then price should go up as these are among top exchanges in terms of userbase and BTC volume. BitHumb is ranked one in terms of volume and Bittrex is third.

Bloomberg is also talking about Electroneum. They have written something like this.

“Cryptocurrencies often have relatively low coin numbers. For instance, Bitcoin only has a maximum of 21 million coins. What this means is that the whole coins tend to have a large value and thus real world transactions for small amounts of money tend to look rather strange to humans. We are quite used to swapping coins for things, but if you bought a can of Coke with Bitcoin at the moment (June 2016) you would pay something like 0.000391 Bitcoin. This is not a very “human” number. We have made Electroneum’s blockchain have 21 billion coins, which will move the decimal places forwards.”

Jamie Frank Redknapp is an English retired professional footballer also tweeted for electroneum.

  “Proper excited about Mobile Cryptocurrency! I’m in, get involved!”.

So it is right time to get involved with this project. Keep a bag of Electroneum and wait for super excited 2018.

Electroneum has recently launched long-awaited mobile mining. I have tested this and this is working fine. For electroneum referral code use below code.

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Disclaimer:I am not any professional adviser, all based on news and updates. Trade on your own risk.


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