Hot Coin To Buy Now -Swap & MN Soon


Today I have come up with a very good coin which has very active development team and great community.  And the coin is GRIM coin. This coin is going to be huge as masternode will be launched in a while. Once this coin was around 200 satoshi and now weak hands are selling at 20 satoshi. This is a huge opportunity to get a masternode of this coin. Before launching the masternode they will have one coin swap first. The swap ratio is not yet decided it could be 3:1 or 2:1 and 125000 GRIM for a masternode after the swap. At this current rate you can buy a bag of this coin. Once the masternde is launched price will definitely shoot up. This is draft before the final launch.

Updated Block Time: 90 SecondsUpdated Block Reward: 500 (Halving every 125,000 blocks – Approximately 2.75 times per year…Down to 10 per block and remain at 10.)
Masternode Reward: 65% 325 Coins (Halving as block reward halves)
Stake Reward: 35% 175 Coins (Halving as block reward halves)
Total Coin Supply: 250,000,000 GRIM
MasterNode Collateral: 125,000 GRIM

This coin is listed in two exchanges like Trade Satoshi and Stocks.Exchanges. Previously I talked about Rupaya coin when it was 400 satoshi then after the swap and masternode it is now 1600 satoshi. There are so many masternode out there but only a few can hold their prices rest just rests in peace. So it is very important to choose a coin wisely. A good Community and Development team that makes a coin and project succeed.

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