Accumulate TRX and SIA hard fork


I am seeing one trend that all coin with low price is suddenly gaining price and even if there is no new update from the team. Also, there is one phycological pressure while buying a known coin which you used to buy and sell at the much lower price and suddenly you are buying at 2x or 3x price. One common term you will hear a lot is FOMO(Fear of missing out), this makes trader to trade on emotion. People start to think that it is going up and will go to the moon. This becomes very risky and high chance of losing money. So keep this in mind and do smart trading else you will be left with high priced coin bag. So do not become a bag holder, instead become the smart trader.

I have found two coins which you should add to your portfolio. These two are good coins. First I will talk about TRX.

Tron protocol is a blockchain based entertainment system which will enable content creator to freely interact with other users.

They have huge market cap nearly 160,720 BTC.  It is among top 20 coins.They have the very high supply as well. But it has good potential. Coins succeed if they have the good team and great mission and vision.


Their CEO tweeted on twitter few new updates.

We will have a revolutionary smart contract and Dapps platform open source at Dec. 29th. Looking forward to it!

Also, they will release the source code on 29th December that is what their CEO tweeted.

Also, there is a speculation that they will burn 20% of the total coin supply on 10th January 2018. If this happens then price should go up.

The second coin I will talk about is Siacoin(SIA). Siacoin has already started some movements. Siacoin has hard fork scheduled on 31st January 2018. So it should give you a good return. In my last post I have told about Hempcoin when it was 790 Satoshi then it went above 2000 Satoshi. Market goes crazy for that coin which has hard fork. They have written something like this on their official GitHub profile.


Importantly, this release contains a fix for the new difficulty algorithm that was introduced in v1.3.0. This fix is a hardfork that activates at block 139,000, which is expected to occur in late January, 2018. So before celebrating the new year, please ensure that you have upgraded your nodes to v1.3.1!



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Disclaimer:I am not any professional adviser, all based on news and updates. Trade on your own risk.
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